An author’s gotta have a website, right?  This is it.  Not just for authoring, but also for my thoughts on Life, the Universe, and Everything (thanks to Douglas Adams for that phrase).  Plus some public service stuff, as well as a place for author business.

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Meanwhile, this photo.  It’s a selfie.  I don’tselfie shadow with yucca plant crown see any need to plaster actual photos of myself all over the web.  Seems to me they just show the outside of a person anyway.  So my selfies are usually somewhat abstract, often using my shadow to give a clue to what’s going on inside my head.

This “selfie” features a solitary yucca plant that’s been growing next to the so-called road to my property for many years.  It never gets any bigger because it repeatedly gets run over, eaten, or otherwise mutilated.  One time it got uprooted — I assume by a cow but who knows.  I thought it was a goner, but something was left in the ground and it came back.

That yucca is kind of ugly, but it’s also kind of a miracle.  It keeps on keeping on.  I have to admire it.

I hike the road (actually just a rutted two-track) a lot.  I think while I’m hiking. It’s a walking meditation for me. And I take lots of photos.  One late afternoon my shadow hit that yucca just right and wowza — I knew I had a good photo, not just a nice selfie.

I played with it some and came up with a color scheme that suited me.  When I was done, I realized how much that yucca seemed a crown on my shadow head.  I couldn’t resist adding the (hopefully subtle) rays as a flourish.

I love the result: Selfie with Yucca Crown.  It has a very Native feel to it, which isn’t surprising, considering where I live (in the middle of nowhere, loosely surrounded by vast expanses of Tribal lands). New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment, and yes, this place has a magical/spiritual feel to it.

Selfie with Yucca Crown is going to be the cover of a rock album that’ll appear in the sequel to my novel, Evolution Device.  I don’t yet know how it fits in the story but I’ll figure it out!

NOTICE: This website crashed in early 2023. It’s been repaired, but if you want to see the site as it was you can go to and everything up to April 12, 2023 is there. Anything not there and not here has been lost forever. Oh well.

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