Of valerian and other out-of-control issues

Before I say anything else, I want to mention that the flowers in the photo at left are pink valerian and orange marigold. When I found the valerian plant at a local nursery I got excited. I’ve discovered that valerian helps me get to sleep and I thought it would… Continue reading

The value of education

“College is not about grades. No one cares what grades you got in college. College is about exploring. Just try stuff.” That’s what Kevin Kelly says in his book, Excellent Advice for Living. I agree! After learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, I believe the value of any… Continue reading

Burning down the house

An interesting morning so far. I almost burned down the house. Fun fact: almost burning down the house is not just interesting – it’s actually quite exciting. But also stupid. Just sayin’. I’ve been smelling an odd odor in one corner of my studio lately. Kind of onion-like. Not a… Continue reading