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Five star review
April 12, 2023     Hardcover Paperback Kindle

Mangas County has a wolf problem.  Special Deputy Jessie Torres spends her days examining wolf-human and wolf-domestic animal incidents in the rugged backcountry of western New Mexico. Despite the heartbreak of having to deal with the death of a valued ranch dog or a favorite rodeo horse, she enjoys her work. She’s outdoors, by herself, doing a job that needs doing.  But lately there’s been too many kills, too much blood, and too many wolves involved. Just what is going on?

Now the isolated county is being invaded for the long July 4th holiday weekend. Jessie’s been pulled from the wilderness to deal with human beings instead of critters. Thousands of hippies are gathering in the National Forest, tourists and locals are pouring into Largo Creek for the parade and other events, and the sheriff is telling his deputies to hush up about the suspicious and bloody death of someone Jessie knows all too well. Juggling all this plus the demands of her grandmother, an Apache curandera and the unofficial ruler of the area, will try Jessie’s strength and ingenuity to the limit.

I had all kinds of chores that I needed to do today, but then I received a copy of Lif Strand’s Dark Green. I  spent the rest of the $#$!@!! day reading it…but I got the best of the deal!
~ Sheriff Bill Gastner (retired), Posadas County NM

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July 28, 2020      Hardcover  Kindle  Audiobook

Evolution Device is the story of rock guitarist Eddie Edmunds in the golden age of classic rock.  His muse, Lily, is an entity of pure energy drawn into physical existence by what some might call magic.  Eddie sure doesn’t call it that, and he’s the one who did it.

Lily’s job as a muse is to channel the energies of pure power to Eddie in the form of music.  She has no free will since she’s a part of Eddie’s soul, but she knows all too well that the energies Eddie flirts with can destroy him if he doesn’t learn to control them.  Before her power fades forever she needs to convince Eddie that if he doesn’t face the music and if he can’t master the guitar that would master him, all the drugs in the world won’t shield him from the danger of uncontrolled magic.

…those of us that lived during the revolution and evolution of rock relate to this story without hesitation because it takes us deep into and explains a culture that is believable to us with the added quasi fantasy element of Lilith the muse.
~ excerpt from a reader review

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January 3, 2015 Paperback Kindle

Selected writings on Magick, creativity and the music of Jimmy Page. Compiled from Lif Strand’s Mage Music blog posts of May 7, 2012 through November 22, 2014.

Spacesuited explorers on the surface of Mars


September 16, 2021   AMAZON

Over a thousand pages including 42 stories and one novel dealing with Mars or Martians. “Mutt and Jeffie”, a short story by Lif Strand beginning on page 561.

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