Here’s the thing about me:  I am interested in a lot of stuff.  Photo of Lif StrandI do a lot of stuff.  So what, exactly, would I say about me that would be useful to you?  Heck if I know — that depends on who you.  Below you’ll find the professional me in a nutshell.  Okay, not exactly a nutshell, but a brief bio that a literary agent or publisher might find useful.

If you want more, I’ve got that, too.

Contact me via email at (remove spaces and add appropriate dot)  lif c strand @ gmail com
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Lif Strand Author Bio

  1. Currently I’m writing contemporary southwestern mystery (the Mangas County Mysteries series); fantasy (Evolution Device; magic realism, paranormal, and/or dragons — no elves, fairies, or swords) (see nifty photos at bottom of this page). I’ve got a semi-non-fiction series on Arabian horses in WIP state.
  2. I’ve had two fantasy stories published (Sallya On FireThe Arcanist, 2018, and Being MeDreamForge, 2019, and one science fiction story (Mutt and Jeffie, Martian SuperPack Anthology, 2021)  In addition to the novels, I’ve self-published two dragon-based limited edition chapbooks that are not on the market at this time, and a book on magic and creativity (see nifty photos at bottom of this page).
  3. In 2003 I received the EH Shaffer Award (second place, news writing) from New Mexico Press Association in the Weekly Newspapers, Class 1 category.
  4. Writing and work experience, education, and other credentials available – contact me.
  5. I’ve done the cover art for several books and have illustrated one.
  6. I’m a roadie & beta reader for author Steven F Havill.
  7. I worked with the wonderful voice actor (as well as film writer, producer, and director), Naomi Rose-Mock, to create the Audible version of Evolution Device, published December 17, 2020
  8. More…

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