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two tulips nipped down to the dirt by a rodentSpring is almost here, which is not to say that winter is over. But I have news! At least three tulip bulbs survived the winter, so that’s some kind of progress, isn’t it? On the other hand, an unidentified critter has been munching on the tulips and the crocus, so I don’t know if I’ll get to see  any flowers.

Gardening is such an iffy thing, at least for me.

Meanwhile, I am pleased to report progress on another front, and that is the sequel to Dark Green. I have changed the working title (that’s why they’re called working titles, because they’re subject to editing) and somehow that gave me a new burst of creative energy, which was a good thing because I was stuck and making no progress in the revision of the manuscript. Now, though, I’m full speed ahead.

two very different looking gelli prints from the same plateAlso, I’ve been having fun with gelli printing and the idea of mixing that with fabric art. What’s even more fun is I’m using pages from my earliest printed-out versions of Dark Green (it had a different working title back then) to make the prints. I like the effect of the faded print in the background on the pinkish-red one. Remarkably, both of the prints (minus the fabric!) were created using the same plate, only adding more paint. The gelli process is somewhat unpredictable and that makes it even more fun.

pink and green abstract paint marks on a manuscript page

Gelli plate print using manuscript page for paper

That’s all I’ve got to report. Now I’ve got to get back to “work”.




blue purple and green abstract printed on tissue paper and overlaid with blue netting

Gelli print with blue netting

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