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Lif Strand began writing fiction when she was a kid. Nobody read her stories. A former Arabian horse breeder and endurance racer, then reporter and freelance white paper writer, Lif lives in a straw bale house off-the-grid and writes fiction once more--or at least whenever she’s not scooping horse poop, taking photos, or playing with fabric art.

8 Responses to Testing comments

  1. Eric Lifgren says:

    Testing from Eric

  2. jack says:

    Just signed up for notices.

  3. Laura says:

    Wonder if your Comments problem is related to Scalzi’s.

  4. robert lifgren says:

    I am a comment, testing 1, 2 3

  5. Eddie says:

    I see a link to make a comment on the blog index page. That page also shows that previous comments were turned off.

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