Dark Green sequel

Pine trees silhouetted against a nighttime sky. Update: I’ll pass 30K words today on my first draft of the sequel to Dark Green. This will be the second book in the Mangas County Mysteries series

As I’m writing I’m keeping the need for a catchy title in mind. I’ve come up with what seems to me to be great titles, but unfortunately they either don’t fit this book or they’ve been used for too many other books. Or the next day they aren’t nearly as good as I thought. I don’t know if I should come up with something in keeping with the first title in form, e.g. [1 adjective] + [one color], or should I use dark or green in the next book’s tile, or if I should not even bother with trying to somehow connect the two titles? Is color important? I know it can be, but whereas we all know “green” stands for environmentalism, other colors don’t have those associations.

Or do they?

Sigh. One more thing to research.

Meanwhile, with all the political turmoil and weather extremes, it’s hard to focus on writing. I’m having a tough time not taking just a little peek at what Twitter (oh, sorry, X) is saying, and looking at my other social media accounts to see if anyone has anything nice to say about Dark Green. Next thing I  know half an hour has been wasted that could have been spent writing.

Or like now. Why is posting to my blog suddenly such a good idea when Scrivener is open and waiting for me to get to work? Why do I have such a strong urge to rearrange my studio so I can move in the fantastic new work table I picked up yesterday? Why am I not writing now when I know the horseshoer is going to be here later on?

If it wasn’t any of those things, I’d find something else to pull my attention away from working on what I’ve been referring to as DG2.  Whatever it might be it’s just one of the usual obstacles, it doesn’t even have to be interesting.

Thank goodness that once I’ve actually started writing I can go for hours without succumbing to the lure of the real world.

Damn, I’ve eaten too many semi-sweet chocolate chips already! Now what will I munch on while writing. Wait… blogging isn’t writing! Okay, I’m going to work on DG2. Really. Right away. Any second. I absolutely am doing this. Oh wait, I just had a thought about a good title…

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