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Wilted and brown weeds, with a fence in the distance and clouds in the blue sky.I just realized none of my book reviews are here, MIA due to me taking so long to rebuild my website after it crashed a while back. I’ve neglected to retrieve the book review blog posts, but at least I know I can, thanks to Wayback Machine.  I’m not sure of the best way to deal with the reviews once I get them, though. I don’t know if its possible (or desirable) to back-date blog posts. Maybe I’ll create a new page just for book reviews. I can’t decide.

My brain still isn’t working because it’s so hot, day and night. Who knows when this heat dome or whatever it’s called will move on. Apparently it’s not the weather forecasters, since they keep torturing us with forecasts of cool by the end of the week. Trouble is, the end of the week appears to be a moving target.

Meanwhile, I have to do my thinking in the brief time between barn chores and when it’s just too hot to do more than wait it out, because I don’t seem to be able to handle hot weather well these days. Once I get to the point where I’m miserable my brain shuts off. So that means once the house heats up I’m no good till after it cools down in the evening, usually not till 10 PM or so. Such small windows of time are putting a real crimp on my style.

Trouble is, there’s lots of competition for those brief windows of opportunity. The horses have to be cared for. My outdoor plants, the ones that haven’t been killed off yet either because of the heat or because desperately thirsty critters have eaten them down to the soil, need to be watered as soon as the sun goes down [NB: yes I have water pans out for the wild critters. They still eat my plants). I have the daily maintenance for various social media accounts (some mine, some for others). When the kitchen sink gets too full I have to stick my hands in hot water to wash dishes–oh joy, extra heat. No cooking happening, that’s for sure. No fabric art, either. Even the thought of handling fabric when my studio is in the mid-90s is a non-starter. And writing. There’s a first draft of the sequel to Dark Green in the works… or there should be. I can’t seem to whip my brain into spewing out the words.

My critters are handling the heat pretty well. They’re about as energetic as I am, though, which is to say not at all. Poor Rosie is having a tougher time of it since her breathing is already compromised (she’s a brachycephalic dog).

It would help some if it rained. At this altitude the temperature can drop dramatically when that happens, but it hasn’t been happening. It’s been two weeks since the last measurable rainfall, and before that it was a couple months of dry. Even the hardiest weeds are wilting and turning brown.

Tell you what, I’m not fond of mud but I’d be happy to have it if it would only start raining. And now I look at the temperature readout and see that it’s 100° outside and my house is up to 85°. I have maybe an hour before my brain shuts off and here I am worrying about book reviews blogged in the past, when I could be doing something useful. Like creating the page. Or maybe sitting in my spa (horse trough) before the water warms up to hot tub temperatures.

Meanwhile, have a flower. Poor thing went straight from bud to wilting, but it’s still beautiful.

A yellow rose, wilting in the heat


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